07 October 2008

less than a month left for me to overwhelm you with campaign related links.

The lightweights haven't had a win since 1976. I would say that Obama is good to go.

While I'm being political, I really like this campaign trail winking slideshow.

And to expose you to the true nature of my presidential campaign addiction, to which my junkie-ness knows no end, I present you this article which almost made my day as much as the roasted butternut squash I made myself for lunch today. I got all excited because of course, while you know about my undying and oft professed love for Gail Collins, I bet I haven't told you that ever since watching his DNC commentary, I've had kind of a thing for David Brooks. WHY?! you ask. He's the token conservative in the Opinion section! But that's exactly why: he is the most wonderful kind of conservative of all, the kind of conservative you actually want to talk to-- a conservative intellectual. He's like a living, breathing manifestation of the George Nash's book (which kind of made me want to be a conservative intellectual, if I wasn't such a socialist feminist etc. etc.). Conservative intellectuals are hard to find these days-- I know one who fled the country-- but I digress.

Here's David Brooks talking about how well Obama knows Niebuhr and showing how gosh darn pleasant conservative intellectuals can be in a time when the rest of conservatism seems to have gone batshit crazy.

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Will said...

You know why Brooks is awesome? Because he's not really a journalist, he's a sociologist at heart. (But a historical one, not one of those statistics- and model-obsessed social scientists [shudder]).