19 October 2008

the problem with getting up early is that you have to find something to do during all those extra hours.

All kinds of awesome:

The Bible, as acted out by Lego people.

Didn't think a guy who restores vintage Volvos could get any cooler?* Colin Powell endorsed The Barack and gave an articulate, scathing critique of that messed up Republican party while he was at it. So much for that whole "pallin' (Palin?) around with terrorists" argument.

This is what happens when everybody pitches in: Barack brought in $150 Million Bones last month! I'm glad my ten bucks helped. Naturally, John McCain is jealous and thinks that small donors like myself are sketchy. I know that we all know that I'm sketchy, but now that John McCain is on to me I have to be careful. As my great-grandmother used to say-- they've probably got me on some kind of list.

And lastly, I would just like to announce to the world that after seemingly forever, I seem to be both off of Ambien AND able to fall asleep by midnight, or maybe 1, which is pretty good for me. I owe it all to Blue, the geriatric, diabetic dog I was dogsitting this week. His need to rise before 7:30 for insulin showed me that I can indeed get up early and go to bed earlier too-- and maybe even function on less than 8 hours of sleep! Wow!!! I'd also like to thank John Updike's Couples for helping me get to sleep the past week-- it is really the perfect book for a Mad Men fan, full of salacious suburban sixties scandals.

*What can I say, I've always admired Colin Powell and the Volvo story gave the man a free pass for life. I think this is an interesting article about Powell too.

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Queen Mum said...

Glad that you had good sleep while pet sitting, good that the dog had a habit that you were able to take on as well. Had a good nap with H&W today as well.