28 June 2008

i thought about it.

So interesting: Tiny Voices Defy Fate of Yemen’s Girls

plant therapy.

You know it's funny but sometimes things really come full circle, like the time I took a job on a project about a topic my brother had researched in the sixth grade. Recently I was helping a professor pack up her office before a building move + sabbatical and she was like, "Hey do you want these plants?" and I was like, "Heck yes I want those plants!"

Anywho, after I took the plants and was setting them up and plotting out their rehabilitation and how to make them gigantic in the year before the professor returns (I figure I'll just give her the plants back when I move), it occurred to me that this is yet another instance of the circular nature of my life-- or at the very least, me turning into my grandmother. She took my plants when I moved and gives me regular reports on their well-being. And here I am on the same path. At any rate, criticisms that our living room looks unlived in are now completely unfounded thanks to the whole plant setup.

unite for change-- this saturday.

Thus sayeth the Barack:

Go forth and find an Obama-que! For all y'alls in the SLC, that means 5pm at Liberty Park. For those in T-town, hit up the
Colored Womens' Club on 2316 S. Yakima at 6pm. And there are 4,000 other events going on nationwide. Check it!

Unite for change!!!!

The Barack has spoken!

27 June 2008

they even went to unity. i'm impressed.


i practiced the yo-yo because it pleased me to do so.

Ok, so I made the necessary phone call and am feeling marginally better about the future of my project. I have decided not to think about my big picture future too seriously until after my draft is turned in on July seventh. So that was one area in which my crappy attitude was productive-- it got me to the breaking point that inspired proactivity. Maybe I am just being negative because it's hard? Somebody was quoting JFK recently... something to the effect of, "Why do we want to land on the moon? Because it is hard." Well ok then, I'll buck up and do this shit because it is hard, and that can be reason enough. I've got to stop over thinking this.

Incidentally, I was following this discussion on Jezebel today and somebody suggested a particular book of interest with regards to my whole little career Chernobyl I was having earlier. While it wasn't on the shelf where it should be at the library, I did find a book that caught my eye and have started reading it. It is called Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women's Changing Lives by Anna Fels. It appears to be a slightly refined pop psychology book, but the author seeks to look at how women relate to their ambitions and argues that it is so important for women to have dreams and goals and ideas about their futures, and to really think about it.* I had forgotten that positive psychology is one of my favorite things (Sports Psychology was the best, most influential class I took at PLU, hands down) and Fels starts right out by saying that too much psychology is about the past and should really move towards looking at how people see their futures. I feel the same way about history!**

I have only read a teensy bit of it as I am a little caught up in a work project (for once! I am helping the interviewer meet a deadline and as the song goes, "When we're helping, we're happy...") but I think it will be a really good book for me to read. I am better at seeing myself as apart of other people's lives than as a part of my own distinct, self-determined future. Not that the former is necessarily a bad thing, but you know, I've got to be happy with what I'm doing and the circles within which I move and who I am etc., regardless of the other people in my life and, as Dr. Fels argues, if we are willing to try things out in our head then we can get a better sense of how they can become realities and ultimately, how to make them realities without seeing our aspirations as a burden. Even if this book does reek of Betty Friedan's influence*** I think it will be a nice little diversion for the weekend.

*Not that men don't, but it's different for women, Fels asserts.

just kidding :P

***have I ever said on this blog how much I hate The Feminine Mystique? How terrible it is despite all it's influential power?! Well there, I said it. That book actually gave me a meltdown when I had to write about it objectively. The result of course, was that I did not write about it objectively. I got a very bad grade and had to rewrite it. It required a lot more self-control than I thought I had.

The title heading comes from a quote in the book-- Fels, 8. I think it is the most beautiful sentence.


I am starting to think that I am not meant for the solitary pursuit that is summer research. Plagued by disinterest-- not in the topic, but in the act-- I watch the looming deadline draw closer without any desire to make the necessary phone call that comprises the vital next step. It's making me wonder if I'm really on the right path, if I really want fifty more summers of digging through boxes or lying awake at night thinking about the infinite series of next steps. I can't believe I'm writing this-- last summer's me would yell at me with a completely unhinged ferocity-- but I miss the days of leaving work at work. I like where I'm at with my current job, making my own hours and mindlessly listening, but it's obviously not a pattern that can be sustained over half a century. Not that I'm sure my flagging interest in research can be, either. As professors say "Do a PhD, it'll be fun!" and my peers start to ask where I'm thinking about going in 2009 while at the same time, my stack of notecards recieves no more attention than a dismissive stare-- I have to say I'm just not sure about this. I don't like grad school without classes and I loathe more and more the sense that I have so little control over my future.

Sorry to be so dark.

you've got time.

I thought this was pretty interesting: Albanian women used to take an oath of virginity so they could live as men.

I'm on kind of a Liz Phair kick, which really means I am wallowing in a pit of surlyness. Grrrrr.

Sometimes Utah can be so oddly progressive. This was a big hit in the office.

Undoubtedly, karma will git you. And calling the National Guard isn't going to help.

I saw some bunnies on the way to work today (not bad for a two minute commute). Indulge.

25 June 2008

no, this blog isn't dead after all.

I'm back! My trip to Washington and Oregon was awesome. I feel like this was probably my most productive visit since moving to Utah-- I got to see a ton of family (immediate, extended and adopted) and got to try all kinds of new things, such as:

-New Belgium's summer beer, Skinny Dip (refreshing!)
-Oysters (tasty!)
-Rock-climbing at the climbing gym (that is the sport for me! don't let the bruises on my knees fool you)
-Fried Macaroni & Cheese (indulgent!)
-a White Russian (of course I loved it, because I love anything with half and half!)

Good times, good times. I should be tossing up some pictures later today.

16 June 2008

christmas in june.

Just a little present for ya.

that's a freebie.

Headline of the day:

Yankees Lose Wang in Rout of Astros

Ouch. Talk about nothing left to lose.

UPDATE: I made the same joke to my favorite website and they featured it. Woot.

UPDATE II: My glee about this somehow reminds me of:
"Yes, I did sing that song. No future plans to record."
"Sir, your chair is on my wife's coat."

15 June 2008

i wonder why they put the meat on these little white sticks.

This makes me happy: A comic take on the COB. That he suggests getting dropped of in Draper to fully enjoy State Street before getting there totally killed me.

This makes me mad: Frank Rich points out that the McCain is perpetuating myths about Hillary supporters switching parties. I think John McCain is wobbly chinned agent of the debbil, so naturally I get all wound up because that means that myth is misrepresenting me.* Felt better after Rich cataloged all of the false campaign myths and dissed them. I would feel better still if my roommates would stop watching Fox News.

This makes me sad: People in Vermont burning their furniture to stay warm in the winter. People in my own town just struggling to get by. Damn.

This makes me sad and angry: There is more international concern for DVD pirating than there is for the use of systematic rape as a strategy of war.

This post is starting to feel a little bit heavy, so here's a special treat. Gawker asked their readers today who their 80's crush is. My oh my, what a perfect opportunity to post gratuitous pictures of ♥Dolph Lundgren♥ , the only man I will ever really love.

I mean really, that body! That winning smile! That slurred ESL "I will never kneel for you" to Skeletor! Dolph Lundgren, I solute you. Schhhha-wing!

"Myth? Myth?"

14 June 2008

and free ice cream.

So there is some kind of event going on at the field across from where I work-- it appears to be some cross between patriotism and Father's Day and bad music. Anyways, all I can hear as I try to work-- beyond country music referencing 9/11-- is this woman at the microphone describing what you can do at the adjacent booths:

"Free calls to Iraq and Afghanistan! And free ice cream!!!"

Um, yah. That makes me sad.

UPDATE: Patriotic music lyrics inspiring me to keep my headphones on and transcribing more diligently than ever before: "Because when all is said and done/we will still be number one/because America is built on love"
A. Other countries are not built on love, they are just haters with stronger currency.
B. If everything America does is a manifestation of love, then the Iraq War is really about love?! And Gitmo?! What?! Love = war???

My head is going to explode.

UPDATE DEUX: OMG Now they are talking about a beauty pageant that went on at a military ball at BYU. Involving the Osmonds. I am not kidding. OMG I think there are going to be Osmonds on that stage!!! This is really happening.

12 June 2008

sassy orange.

miscellanous crap.

I interrupt this period of not blogging for an amazing link. It is not for the squeamish-- and that means you, Big Brother-- I have provided alternative links for you here and here and here.

That said, here is the amazing link: Human egg makes accidental debut on camera
Excuse me while I go back to the process of not blogging, which means finishing up my coffee & Sun Kil Moon session and going to work. Rest assured that at some point this week I will report the outcomes of my oral history interview and post a really excited review about the His Dark Materials books.

Oh, also, while I'm at it... if you find yourself at a 7-11 in the greater Salt Lake area, or perhaps even the universe, pick up some of these:

They are about a million times better than the Hostess cupcakes... so moist and tasty. It must be because they are French.

09 June 2008

This is getting embarrassing. I am taking a break until I can stop being ridiculous and start being responsible.

i want a dog.

Dear Humanity, I want a cute puppeh like this.



my girl whitney.

This is my Tribute to Whitney Houston. And straight out, to all you naysayers, I say suck it. Because my girl Whitney Is The Bomb.

Ok, so maybe you don't appreciate. I didn't either, when Columbia House mistakenly sent my Dad the album that I thought would have "I Will Always Love You" on it (it didn't) while I was in the fifth grade. Instead I was left to rock out to Whitney's "I'm Your Baby Tonight" album in a way that I couldn't appreciate until I was ~twenty years old, driving my 1990 pontiac firebird and like OMG THESE SPEAKERS WERE MADE FOR THIS ALBUM (I only had a tape player dogs)!!! So now oodles of years later I am all boozed-out and like dancing to Whitney Houston!!!! Now I'm talking like white-high-waisted-jeans-gay-dance-club Whitney, not like the "Greatest Love" "I Will Always Love You" Whitney. I'm all about "Who do you love," Whitney!!! "I'm Your Baby Tonight" Whitney!!! Not a coke whore yet!!! Yeah!!!

house parties and being filled with love and whatevs.

Ok, so I am filled with love right now as I have just seen some of my friend's wedding pictures-- said wedding which of course I missed because I am a prisoner of the Wasatch Front*** and my thesis and goals and shit. Glad I saved the wine for Sunday because Sunday is always the day that I wish I had some, because I am prone to loneliness and reading outside and watching movies and being alone and stuff. Wine helps in making it suck less, which gives me some insight into Jesus, who also drank wine. I mean, after being chased around and shit by the Romans and the Pharisees et. al I think you would need something for the nerves. Which I can relate to, of course, because I am filled WITH NERVES because my successful interview lady HAS NOT EMAILED ME WITH HER CONTACTS. Which is a PROBLEM because I HAVE DEADLINES, PEOPLE.

Ok, but for your sake, I am going to keep it positive, because I am now, yet again, filled with white wine, and MORE unusually, filled with love. So first, my gramma is awesome because she called me back, and I haven't talked to her in a while, and she reminded me of the eight thousand reasons why I loved living with her-- the woman is amazing, she takes care of everybody and is SO UPBEAT ABOUT IT. And we just talked, like we used to when I would come home from school or reffing and she would tell me everything she ate that day and the dish on all the family. If you find me plodding about really, really fast in a pair of Sketchers with my sweatshirt sleeves rolled up, trust that I am trying to emulate this awesome woman who is clearly assuming the role of matriarch since the actual matriarch has taking to Houdini-ism******* (Gram-E's words, not mine). :D

Anywho, I watched Better Off Dead. For its genre ('80s teen movie) I thought it was pretty good-- in some ways it completely kills (SKI CHOREOGRAPHY?!?! ON ONE FOOT?!?!) and in other ways it sucks ass (weird talking hamburgers). I suppose one could just obtain some Warren Miller to compensate for the skiing but you have to see this film because, and only because, JOHN CUSACK IS SUCH A CUTIE. So cute, in fact, that all of his subsequent films INSTANTANEOUSLY BECOME ANNOYING!*

Now that I am having some Hogue it reminds me of a recent wedding that I DID attend in which I consumed about as much Hogue as I've had now. And I am filled WITH EVEN MORE LOVE. Which reminds me of a post I was intending to do about HOW MUCH I LOVE HOUSE PARTIES*****. Seriously, I told my friend that House Parties**** are better than church. Sure, I mean there isn't the God factor (which I dig, but find ways to encounter in everyday life) but in terms of social contacting, it's like all the mingling without feeling forced too BECAUSE IT'S MY CALLING, AND OMG, LITERALLY, GOD WANTS ME TO KNOW AND LOVE EVERYONE! So it's way more comfortable, and at this particular HOUSE PARTY OF AWESOME-NESS, not only did I find awesome Mexican beer but many awesome APPROACHABLE PEOPLE which made me feel better about humanity in general. I mean, so many people just living and keeping it real in the SLC and that's what it's all about, right?! Right, Jim Hortis, regular reader and impending birthday extraordinaire??!?!? I mean hell, there was even a bit o' dancing and talk of LINDA KERBER.

It is my opinion that Librarian House Parties are WAY cooler than Skiier House Parties... though Skiier House Parties are of course cool in their own way, like that one time they threw Joe in the hottub with his clothes on. Obviously the Skiiers are a younger crowd, which is again a way in which the Librarians rock, because they are more my age and shit, or at least more my type because they drink like fish but are not so young and overt about DRINKiNG ALL THAT NATTY LITE****** (Librarians are smart and do the Hard A). Cheers to Librarian House Parties, and also cheers to Jim, because I never had any Jack Daniels before (and cheers to Big Brother for the recommendation) and now a bottle of my own is totes on my list** and also to Jim, because he was in a drunken state of elasticity that made me really, really look forward to my own birthday. In AUGUST. DON'T FORGET. THERE WILL BE A HUGE PARTY.

Anywho, the moral of the story is that the day of loneliness is much tempered by a call back from GRAM-E and an 80's teen flick and a bottle o' Hogue.


Now I have to go back and link all of my meaningful references.

*sorry ABOUT THE CAPS LOCK but every time I do it IT MAKES MY EYES BUG OUT and I feel SO FULL OF EMPHASIS. Like I'm not yelling at you, BUT MY EYES ARE BUGGY, kind of JUST LIKE MY WHOLE FAMILY DOES. Ok. Inside joke, I APOLOGIZE. :P

Because white wines is kind of expensive to go through a bottle each time, you know? Hard A is more of an investment or at least economical IN THESE TIMES of ECONOMIC HARDSHIP. Because I keep spending ALL MY MONEY on GAS to drive to the RIVAL SCHOOL AND HAVE AMAZING MILKSHAKES. But I digress, because my tongue is numb.

***I only feel that way on Sundays, when I am too not-busy to feel otherwise.

****Capitalized because House Parties are my third favorite thing, behind Nieces/Immediate-family-tasticness (including Sister in Law!!! she is so rad!!! and such a contributor to feisty nieces!!!! yeah!!!!!!!) and Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting.

*****U know it's on my Netflix queue!

******which too my credit I only drink after skiing when it's been chillin in the snow all day and usually I go to bed after the Hard A and good beer is gone and as a personal policy, do not ever, ever drink canned aluminium tasting beers, except after skiing

and p.s. if i am ever applying for a job, this blog will become way, way more anonymous in about eight thousand different ways. just so you aren't worried about me being screwed and even more poor after all this hard work (in relation to my career, not work posting-- believe you me i save all the emotional work for my journal, suckaz-- and perceived as a three times a week lush or something, which seems like a lot more than it is, really.

p.p.s it was not the whole bottle, there is still a glass left, suuuccckkkazzz.

*******Her career as an escape artist, since her removal to the
Fijian old person's home of compassion, though she does not remember it, inspires me, if anything because she is in some way sticking it to THE MAN in a way that I know she'll be proud of when she gets to a place after this life in which she's in a place to appreciate it because she has ROCKED being old . I like to think she would've wanted it that way, back in the day when she was just bragging about subscribing to Mother Jones and being naturopathic and taking laughing classes and being 90 and living alone. Great-g truly set the example for aging in our family in a way that I look for me and my bro and all of my cuz-power to rock. Watch out, suburbs of Tacoma.

07 June 2008

spazzy apple.

pattern from here.

i've never had the ichiroll, but i do love those safeco garlic fries.

So I have this thing for informational maps. It all started in my undergrad days at with the purchase of The Routledge Historical Atlas of Religion in America, perhaps one of the coolest books I have ever purchased.* Naturally the primary season has kept me up to my nose in maps detailing voter demographics by state and county etc. One would think that with the end of the primaries (hallelujah!), such relevant and engaging map-tasticness would stop and I would have to put more effort into finding maps to satiate my yearning for geographically organized facts(like going beyond the New York Times website, perhaps?).

But that is not the case! Today they featured a map of the nation's baseball stadiums. When you click on the stadium icon you get a picture of the best and worst food served there!!! Yes it really does deserve three exclamation points!!! It left me hungry for processed meat logs. I was half considering a research trip to St. Louis but after seeing the picture of the bratzel***, I am starting to think that it might be worth it. Bratwurst wrapped in pretzel with a side o' beer and some baseball sounds like just the thing after a long day in the archives, does it not?**

*For school in particular, since the entire thing is more or less pictures.

** This whole St. Louis thing reminded me that for some reason as a kid, my
Ozzie Smith baseball card was my fave. It then occurred to me that Ozzie Smith would be an awesome name for the little pet friend that I hope to obtain when I leave Utah. Sounds better than naming your dog Phyllis Schlafly (another Missouri export). That seems like an invitation for the animal to poop in your shoe and call it family values.

***click on St. Louis!

06 June 2008

it's hip, it's fresh, it's noah's arcade.

I never really believed that any church could come as close to the Buddy Jesus scheme from that movie Dogma (it's the only part I remember from that movie; it really, really stuck) that I can hardly believe that this ad from the Catholic Church is true. I mean sure, it's theologically sound... kinda... but just not something one expects to see. It's an advertisement for Catholic World Youth day... see link here.

Also, the mega-interview went well. Too bad I'm too tired to write about it.

05 June 2008

more words of wisdom.

"You can't cure hemorrhoids by kissing the owie."
-- my work grandpa

Hillary might do well to appropriate that advice...

03 June 2008

switching teams, again.

Well, my girl Hillary fought the good fight, but concession is in the air. I hope Obama will consider her for VP-- I don't care what people say about that, but she schooled his ass and she deserves it. If anything, I hope he seriously considers the health care plan advanced by my boy Edwards and adopted by Clinton.

Anywho, I went ahead and made my switch official and bought my Obama Car Magnet today. I am so relieved that this exhaustive primary is more or less over so we can unify and get this McCain biz over with.

02 June 2008

we had that couch for twenty years. shoulda left the plastic on it.

I am in a "fuck this shit" kind of mood. I think I will drop out of school and become a wino. As of tomorrow you will be able to find me in Pioneer Park. :P j/k it hasn't come to that but it feels like it has. But it hasn't.

Powerful conservative lady is playing hard to get. Our interview on Thursday is now dependent ON THE WEATHER on Wednesday. Pray for sun on Wednesday people. Seriously I hardly pray anymore but I'm going to.****

The people at financial aid are UNHELPFUL DOUCHEBAGS. Pray for their souls because I damned them all to hell on the bike ride home. No, I am not praying for them. I am focusing all of my prayer on Wednesday's weather.

My research isn't yielding shit. I swear someday when I'm on my third book and tenured I will be wondering why I was so fussy, but for goodness sakes I am starting to feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

Kudos to two people who made this day suck much, much less:
1. Friend who texted me for an impromptu lunch-- you are awesome and I glad we got to hang before things hit the fan.

2. Nice, nice girl at the RivalSchool's Special Collections who went out of her way to help me out and was so, so friendly. I should be passing the Zion Curtain for research on Wednesday and perhaps a couple other days later in the week and would be happy to meet anyone in the God-forsaken city of Provo for a delectable milkshake at Sammy's. For those not in P-town, I would gladly meet you for drinks, food etc. in the People's Republic of Salt Lake because no doubt I will have to assuage my guilt over my research induced, rapidly enlarging carbon footprint.

Excuse me while I go drink the rest of the bottle I've opened* and watch Amadeus because all my Netflix movies are in the mail and I heard Cynthia Nixon is in it (she said so on this reeeally funny British show I was watching). I own it (both the bottle, contents of said bottle-- I am not a thief!-- and the movie, duh).

Also, I am feeling better now that I bought The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack off of iTunes. I will burn copies for anybody that wants one because it is magical, particularly the Kinks selections, but also the other ones are relaxing and chill, in the true fashion expected of a Wes Anderson soundtrack. Speaking of Wes Anderson-- I emailed this link to Big Brother already because he deserves to be first because he went as Richie for Halloween-- Royal Tenenbaums inspired art** and I think that's just awesome. I want one and I want to buy my brother one because he is awesome too.

Columbia Winery 2006 Cellarmaster's Riesling... Soooo tasty... "offers fragrant honey, pear and apricot aromas that lead to delectable fruit flavors and crisp acidity" and offer relief from a case of the Mondays. I don't usually drink the whole bottle at once but this is sooooo nice. Also, I love to go to the wine store and buy Washington wines and flash my Washington driver's license. State pride you know? Is that cheesy?

**Click "shop" then "figures".

****and that has nothing to do with God, ok? He and I are down, and so are me and Jesus. Jesus is my homeboy. I've just never really been much of a pray-er. Some how this all reminds me of Snoop Dog and folks, I love Snoop Dog too.***** Not as much as God tho.

*****"Snoop Doggy Dogg, get yourself a jobby job."

That has resonated with me for years.

if i had the energy, i'd make a class critique on this one.

Just in case you weren't sure what margarine was.

01 June 2008

it was so good that i even cried a little.

So I was having this sort of lonely day. I spent most of it at Liberty Park reading The Golden Compass (which I am so enjoying) and bike-watching, and as I was leaving I realized that I was practically the only person there alone, and yah, that made me sad, which is sometimes the cost of living far away from one's family and pursuing one's dreams. So I got back to the apartment and ate some soup and was like, WHAT DO I DO FOR THE REST OF THE DAY? because I had designated today to be sabbath-like and free of work (at my job and on my thesis) because I know that keeps me in a good state of mental health so I can come out swinging on Monday. Pretty soon I had tossed on a sundress and filled my Nalgene and went running off to the Trax.

Admittedly, I had never been to the movies by myself alone before, but sometimes you have to do things to connect to people you miss. Like sometimes I plod around the apartment with really heavy steps because it reminds me of my Gram-E, and sometimes I watch The Royal Tenenbaums because it takes me back to the many times I've watched that movie with my bro & sis and it like, you know, some how, momentarily, fills in the gap between the miles. So I was missing my friends today so the only real natural thing for me to do was to go see the Sex and the City movie. Say what you will about that show and how it conflicts with my feminism-- fuck you, women's lives are too messy for ideology to really work _all_ the time-- I loved it. It was less about sex than any episode of the show ever was, I thought, and more about the journeys women take through adulthood and how everything works out in the end and somehow through everything, there are always the people who made you who you are to come back to. So suck it. I liked it! Kim Cattrall was quoted as saying that the four women are really just the different parts that make up one woman, and I totally concur.

Speaking of Kim Cattrall, I especially liked Samantha in this movie. I have never connected particularly much to that character (I don't want an STD) but I thought she had the best lines and ultimately emerged as the character who was most true to herself and she did it in the most elegant, least whiny manner of all the characters. I thought the Carrie parts of the movie were kind of annoying but Sarah Jessica Parker's acting was generally much better than it ever was on the show.

The part about the movie I loved the most (other than the fashion... OMG it was like another character) was that as I came out of the film, I called one of my BFFs who lives in another time zone (as they all do, duh) AND SHE HAD BEEN AT THE MOVIE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. We had talked about doing that but never really got around to solidifying it, so I consider it truly serendipitous that that happened-- karma, on the same wave length, whatevs-- I totally take it AS A SIGN. I am clearly more connected than I realized. And then I ate Ranch Pringles at the Trax stop. It was awesome.

p.s. As I was riding home the u-bombers totally got on the same train as me. I didn't join them because I lack a tiny bike and was a little too much on the gintastic side of things (what else do you think I put in that Nalgene???).

public service announcements.

Well, Big Brother... I may need that spokescard sooner than I thought. I ran out of words to link but I love the comments here.

Michaele... You should get a bike when you move. I want you to know you have my blessing! New life, new bike! Check these, I think they are classy. :)

Humanity... don't watch this movie and unless you have some booze to dull the intensity and a Jesus candle to scare the bad dreams away. And don't watch it alone, because Scary Face would just be too much for a lonely heart.

Why have I never linked you to this site??? I am so selfish. And I don't want my Mom to think I'm making fun of her-- I am not and I would never submit any communiques to these people but it makes me LOL every day. And my Mom is awesome. Proof: I read this book she recommended to me forever ago and was totally moved. It was really beautiful.

While we're talking books, readers-- because I know my readers are readers-- if there is anything you think I should read this summer of the fictional variety, let me know because I tend to find the books I enjoy the most are the ones people tell me I should read.

Also, don't hate but I am loving me some old school Mariah Carey right now. It takes a special kind of cocktail* to make me feel like that**, but Liberal Tree Hugger... I am totally doing the hand out the window thing-- do you remember that???-- while I'm in my room right now. But let's face it, it was all downhill for the music industry after Fantasy came out. I love the roller coaster part.

*so I had these lime wedges that had been sitting in water all day. And I had some Izze Clementine soda and I tossed in some Triple Sec and Vodka for orangetasticness and some punch (and to tame the sweet), respectively. And then I realized it was too strong so I mixed the lime water with the orangetastic and the combination was so amazing-- totally balanced citrus goodness summerliciousness.

and maybe just a long hard day of women bitching to me, through archival texts and secondary sources alike, about the ERA. ERA= bitching and bitchy-ness, remember that. I know it meant a lot to them but the whole damn thing was just so emotional that I find this entire process to be quite draining. It's so frustrating! Both sides were completely talking past each other. For years. I love my topic and I'm excited about it, but damn those women just didn't let up! It makes me want to time travel and just give them all a good shaking and tell them to chill out a little.