15 June 2008

i wonder why they put the meat on these little white sticks.

This makes me happy: A comic take on the COB. That he suggests getting dropped of in Draper to fully enjoy State Street before getting there totally killed me.

This makes me mad: Frank Rich points out that the McCain is perpetuating myths about Hillary supporters switching parties. I think John McCain is wobbly chinned agent of the debbil, so naturally I get all wound up because that means that myth is misrepresenting me.* Felt better after Rich cataloged all of the false campaign myths and dissed them. I would feel better still if my roommates would stop watching Fox News.

This makes me sad: People in Vermont burning their furniture to stay warm in the winter. People in my own town just struggling to get by. Damn.

This makes me sad and angry: There is more international concern for DVD pirating than there is for the use of systematic rape as a strategy of war.

This post is starting to feel a little bit heavy, so here's a special treat. Gawker asked their readers today who their 80's crush is. My oh my, what a perfect opportunity to post gratuitous pictures of ♥Dolph Lundgren♥ , the only man I will ever really love.

I mean really, that body! That winning smile! That slurred ESL "I will never kneel for you" to Skeletor! Dolph Lundgren, I solute you. Schhhha-wing!

"Myth? Myth?"

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Shawna said...

I'm severely shocked it's taken as long as this to mention something he-man related! WOW! :)