28 June 2008

plant therapy.

You know it's funny but sometimes things really come full circle, like the time I took a job on a project about a topic my brother had researched in the sixth grade. Recently I was helping a professor pack up her office before a building move + sabbatical and she was like, "Hey do you want these plants?" and I was like, "Heck yes I want those plants!"

Anywho, after I took the plants and was setting them up and plotting out their rehabilitation and how to make them gigantic in the year before the professor returns (I figure I'll just give her the plants back when I move), it occurred to me that this is yet another instance of the circular nature of my life-- or at the very least, me turning into my grandmother. She took my plants when I moved and gives me regular reports on their well-being. And here I am on the same path. At any rate, criticisms that our living room looks unlived in are now completely unfounded thanks to the whole plant setup.

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