12 June 2008

miscellanous crap.

I interrupt this period of not blogging for an amazing link. It is not for the squeamish-- and that means you, Big Brother-- I have provided alternative links for you here and here and here.

That said, here is the amazing link: Human egg makes accidental debut on camera
Excuse me while I go back to the process of not blogging, which means finishing up my coffee & Sun Kil Moon session and going to work. Rest assured that at some point this week I will report the outcomes of my oral history interview and post a really excited review about the His Dark Materials books.

Oh, also, while I'm at it... if you find yourself at a 7-11 in the greater Salt Lake area, or perhaps even the universe, pick up some of these:

They are about a million times better than the Hostess cupcakes... so moist and tasty. It must be because they are French.

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