14 June 2008

and free ice cream.

So there is some kind of event going on at the field across from where I work-- it appears to be some cross between patriotism and Father's Day and bad music. Anyways, all I can hear as I try to work-- beyond country music referencing 9/11-- is this woman at the microphone describing what you can do at the adjacent booths:

"Free calls to Iraq and Afghanistan! And free ice cream!!!"

Um, yah. That makes me sad.

UPDATE: Patriotic music lyrics inspiring me to keep my headphones on and transcribing more diligently than ever before: "Because when all is said and done/we will still be number one/because America is built on love"
A. Other countries are not built on love, they are just haters with stronger currency.
B. If everything America does is a manifestation of love, then the Iraq War is really about love?! And Gitmo?! What?! Love = war???

My head is going to explode.

UPDATE DEUX: OMG Now they are talking about a beauty pageant that went on at a military ball at BYU. Involving the Osmonds. I am not kidding. OMG I think there are going to be Osmonds on that stage!!! This is really happening.


Michaele said...

I think they are celebrating an anniversary of the Army Reserves.

melanie said...

Aha! That clears things up. Fortunately things have quieted down and they have put on some pleasant recorded instrumental music. :)