29 June 2009

and we danced on the floor, in the round.

Ok, so it's been ten days since I posted and I am having some major blogger guilt. I've been major busy, having been out of town for five days. Wales was awesome and my (first!) conference presentation went really well. I was lucky to have the opportunity to cut my teeth at a small conference AND to get such a great response to my work. I haven't felt this good about my topic since I don't know when. The paper I presented was the start of the reworked argument that I had wanted to make before and I am finally feeling confident that it can and should be expanded into something "article length." Moral of the story: presenting is valuable! Doy.

Anywho, I'm sure the death of Michael Jackson is old hat by now, but man let me tell you it was weird to be in a London tube station at midnight hearing shocked people pass the news along to strangers. For all the weird details starting to come out about the man's latter days, I have enjoyed the outpouring of appreciation for his music. One of the few memories I have of being a wee ballerina is that if we were really good during our class, the teacher would put on a Michael Jackson record for us to dance to at the end. That I have continued to dance to MJ's music since then seems to point to his lasting pop legacy. I mean really, who can resist "Billie Jean" twenty five years on?

19 June 2009

the ultimate fun song for a friday.

Bonus: Galleries here and here from Ascot, the opening day of British horse racing, featuring loads of fancy, over-the-top hats. Preppy men's fashion is making a comeback, as evidenced in a slideshow so beautiful I think I cried a little.

Also: Humorous missives on Labradoodle owners and Poseidon teaching a water-aerobics class.

14 June 2009

vacation and mildly depressing politics sandwich.

Yes, it's true, borne out by my Twitter feed and many annoying facebook updates to tease and taunt- I'm in the UK and loving it. I decided to share this photo because it features prominent quadriceps gifted to me by the ODT, so you know, I can be a schmuck and brag about how fit biking's made me. With this picture I can also brag about how good the 9% apple cider is, but you know, I think that's pretty obvious.

Anywho, if you get the chance, check out Frank Rich's commentary on the recent spate of right-wing violence and conspiracy theories. Obviously, conspiracies are nothing new, but I
think Rich is correct that the lack of conservative / Republican leadership on the issue isn't helping and will cause further problems. Interesting stuff to chew on.

Here also is a fascinating summation of the Iranian elections. I too believe that the election was stolen and think it's a total bummer because well, the implications suck.

What, you're depressed now? Yah, well here's some tips on what to take to people who invite you over (I liked the idea of bringing a giant jar of Nutella) and a funny food oriented photo from the Tesco grocery store offering a good pairing for Father's Day. Best to eat our feelings
when it comes to domestic and international politics.

p.s. I laughed, I cried, I peed a little: "45 Ridiculous Pictures of Boy Bands." I miss the 90s!

12 June 2009

even santa.

Fascinating slide show on vintage cigarette ads here.

11 June 2009

featuring jack donaghy as a super-muppet.

No wonder I like 30 Rock so much: One man theorizes that it's just a ripoff of The Muppet Show.

I love me a good conspiracy theory. Though, in my opinion, Tracy Morgan is a lot like Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock. But the theory is totally bolstered by the fact that Sesame Street and 30 Rock are filmed in the same studios, is it not?

10 June 2009

rally for the cause.

As an uninsured person for the summer and someone who pays high high premiums for student health insurance during the school year, I can't even begin to tell you how important it is that you urge your Senators to support Kennedy's Health bill, which you can read about here.  Please, please, please, on behalf of healthy young people everywhere, please, please please? It'll only take a second... you can find your Senator's contact info here.  Remember, an email means ten people feel the same way as you- a phone call means a HUNDRED people feel the same way. 

07 June 2009

not paying for this biz so i'll post it instead.


me too.


Today I was reunited with a lot of old friends. After all the catching up and reflecting, I totally felt this postsecret.  I feel like kicking ass and taking names. I feel like a powerful woman. I feel totally immersed in and sustained by familial love.  I feel so completely in tune with so many possibilities and potentials that I never would have imagined for myself.  I turn 25 in two months and I could not be more excited for the rest of my life. The present is a magical time.

06 June 2009


-A worthy historical op-ed from The Paper on "Abortion Wars, the first time around."  

-Mikael at Cycle Chic responded to the annoying glut of specially designed casual cycle wear. Word.

-I am obsessed with 107.7 The End's 90s weekend (live streaming here).  I didn't know it was going on until I was getting into the car with Big Sister and my favorite band of 1997 came on- Super Deluxe with their beautiful song "Years Ago."  Sadly videos of theirs are scarce on the interwebs because they were a local phenomenon- but hey, something is better than nothing! Nothing quite like the music of one's youth.

04 June 2009

even my baby niece was rocking out to this.

Haven't enjoyed a first listen this much in quite some time. Something about being back in this area makes me want to rock.