29 June 2009

and we danced on the floor, in the round.

Ok, so it's been ten days since I posted and I am having some major blogger guilt. I've been major busy, having been out of town for five days. Wales was awesome and my (first!) conference presentation went really well. I was lucky to have the opportunity to cut my teeth at a small conference AND to get such a great response to my work. I haven't felt this good about my topic since I don't know when. The paper I presented was the start of the reworked argument that I had wanted to make before and I am finally feeling confident that it can and should be expanded into something "article length." Moral of the story: presenting is valuable! Doy.

Anywho, I'm sure the death of Michael Jackson is old hat by now, but man let me tell you it was weird to be in a London tube station at midnight hearing shocked people pass the news along to strangers. For all the weird details starting to come out about the man's latter days, I have enjoyed the outpouring of appreciation for his music. One of the few memories I have of being a wee ballerina is that if we were really good during our class, the teacher would put on a Michael Jackson record for us to dance to at the end. That I have continued to dance to MJ's music since then seems to point to his lasting pop legacy. I mean really, who can resist "Billie Jean" twenty five years on?

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