07 June 2008

i've never had the ichiroll, but i do love those safeco garlic fries.

So I have this thing for informational maps. It all started in my undergrad days at with the purchase of The Routledge Historical Atlas of Religion in America, perhaps one of the coolest books I have ever purchased.* Naturally the primary season has kept me up to my nose in maps detailing voter demographics by state and county etc. One would think that with the end of the primaries (hallelujah!), such relevant and engaging map-tasticness would stop and I would have to put more effort into finding maps to satiate my yearning for geographically organized facts(like going beyond the New York Times website, perhaps?).

But that is not the case! Today they featured a map of the nation's baseball stadiums. When you click on the stadium icon you get a picture of the best and worst food served there!!! Yes it really does deserve three exclamation points!!! It left me hungry for processed meat logs. I was half considering a research trip to St. Louis but after seeing the picture of the bratzel***, I am starting to think that it might be worth it. Bratwurst wrapped in pretzel with a side o' beer and some baseball sounds like just the thing after a long day in the archives, does it not?**

*For school in particular, since the entire thing is more or less pictures.

** This whole St. Louis thing reminded me that for some reason as a kid, my
Ozzie Smith baseball card was my fave. It then occurred to me that Ozzie Smith would be an awesome name for the little pet friend that I hope to obtain when I leave Utah. Sounds better than naming your dog Phyllis Schlafly (another Missouri export). That seems like an invitation for the animal to poop in your shoe and call it family values.

***click on St. Louis!

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