01 June 2008

public service announcements.

Well, Big Brother... I may need that spokescard sooner than I thought. I ran out of words to link but I love the comments here.

Michaele... You should get a bike when you move. I want you to know you have my blessing! New life, new bike! Check these, I think they are classy. :)

Humanity... don't watch this movie and unless you have some booze to dull the intensity and a Jesus candle to scare the bad dreams away. And don't watch it alone, because Scary Face would just be too much for a lonely heart.

Why have I never linked you to this site??? I am so selfish. And I don't want my Mom to think I'm making fun of her-- I am not and I would never submit any communiques to these people but it makes me LOL every day. And my Mom is awesome. Proof: I read this book she recommended to me forever ago and was totally moved. It was really beautiful.

While we're talking books, readers-- because I know my readers are readers-- if there is anything you think I should read this summer of the fictional variety, let me know because I tend to find the books I enjoy the most are the ones people tell me I should read.

Also, don't hate but I am loving me some old school Mariah Carey right now. It takes a special kind of cocktail* to make me feel like that**, but Liberal Tree Hugger... I am totally doing the hand out the window thing-- do you remember that???-- while I'm in my room right now. But let's face it, it was all downhill for the music industry after Fantasy came out. I love the roller coaster part.

*so I had these lime wedges that had been sitting in water all day. And I had some Izze Clementine soda and I tossed in some Triple Sec and Vodka for orangetasticness and some punch (and to tame the sweet), respectively. And then I realized it was too strong so I mixed the lime water with the orangetastic and the combination was so amazing-- totally balanced citrus goodness summerliciousness.

and maybe just a long hard day of women bitching to me, through archival texts and secondary sources alike, about the ERA. ERA= bitching and bitchy-ness, remember that. I know it meant a lot to them but the whole damn thing was just so emotional that I find this entire process to be quite draining. It's so frustrating! Both sides were completely talking past each other. For years. I love my topic and I'm excited about it, but damn those women just didn't let up! It makes me want to time travel and just give them all a good shaking and tell them to chill out a little.


Michaele said...

I think that bike is a little out of my price range (remember I'm a poor grad student too). If I do get a [cheaper] bike I will fulfill one of your other dreams- I'll get a basket for my dog to ride in!

melanie said...

That's awesome!!! Just providing ideas... really I'd kind of like a Retrovelo, you know, for special occasions ;) I think I'm just projecting that onto you! Have you looked at Electras? They are very cute cruiser bikes more in the grad student range AND would look cute with a puppy in the basket-- a saw easily a half a dozen at Liberty park today. Electras, not necessarily dogs. :) www.electrabike.com/

Michaele said...

Much closer to my price range- and very cute. I haven't ridden a bike in years I'm worried about shelling out that much money and then not getting use out of it- I'm a slacker and not sure I would ride it... but maybe I would.