09 June 2008

my girl whitney.

This is my Tribute to Whitney Houston. And straight out, to all you naysayers, I say suck it. Because my girl Whitney Is The Bomb.

Ok, so maybe you don't appreciate. I didn't either, when Columbia House mistakenly sent my Dad the album that I thought would have "I Will Always Love You" on it (it didn't) while I was in the fifth grade. Instead I was left to rock out to Whitney's "I'm Your Baby Tonight" album in a way that I couldn't appreciate until I was ~twenty years old, driving my 1990 pontiac firebird and like OMG THESE SPEAKERS WERE MADE FOR THIS ALBUM (I only had a tape player dogs)!!! So now oodles of years later I am all boozed-out and like dancing to Whitney Houston!!!! Now I'm talking like white-high-waisted-jeans-gay-dance-club Whitney, not like the "Greatest Love" "I Will Always Love You" Whitney. I'm all about "Who do you love," Whitney!!! "I'm Your Baby Tonight" Whitney!!! Not a coke whore yet!!! Yeah!!!

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