31 October 2008

if the choice were mine to make.

For those with ovaries strong enough to sustain such an assault, I present to you, via Huffington Post: Babies for Obama slideshows 1 and 2. Now go and make yourself a poultice of ground up birth control pills, spermicide and the cries of an aggitated infant.

FINALLY something I haven't blogged much about but something near and dear to my rant-loving heart: The Cuban Embargo! Praise the Deity that it could be on its way out; if there's any thing I learned in my undergrad, it was that the Cuban Embargo is the most politicized chunk of garbage foreign policy ever. I also learned that vegetarian chili served in a bread bowl is one of God's gifts, but that adds something completely different to my life than my hatred for the Cuban embargo.

Graduate students are the worst! I can't stop saying it.

Here's the real tragedy of John McCain's campaign: He used to be kinda hot.

This is my favorite font. I call it Los Angeles. What fonts are really saying.

Listen to this song
. Click through this slideshow. Then this one. Feel a mite homesick. Repeat.

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