18 October 2008

god love the devastator, and the utes.

Well Humanity, I really wish I could post to you the video of this particular Utes game touchdown from today-- it was amazing-- the guy got swept up from under his legs by the defender and bounced himself-- AND the ball-- into the end zone. If I could find the video, I would post it; but alas it was among many amazing plays by the Utes today at which game I attended. I am sunburned (and cheerful!) in October, of all months. Real friends pay for housesitting with football tix, remember that.

What I really have to attest to though, other than the Utes offensive strength and brilliant passing and unreal tackling, is a particular beer. You know I am a fan of Shiner Bock-- the best beer that can be purchased for under $6 a six pack in Utah, be it at Whole Foods or Walmart. Well today, due to my housesitting's close proximity to the Avenues Liquor Store (one block!) I was able to sample a truly winning beer suited to post game relaxation. That beer is made by Wasatch Beers and has perhaps the most amazing label ever:

And I can say that not just because I watched the silent film "Trapped By the Mormons" last night and am feeling perhaps just a teensie bit anti. This beer it truly amazing-- all of the dark, cola like flavor that you might expect of a Bock like Shiner but (and mind you, at altitude) with all the punch of a beer that logs in at 8% by volume (at alititude!). As someone who gets a bit bloated in reaching her prefered feeling from a certain number of beers-- 6 Skinny Dips?-- this beer is truly a godsend. It's like all of the fun of a Texas beer with all of the needed power of a Utah beer that can't be purchased at the grocery store. Potent but tasty, this is a beer that does you in after two without all of the misery of drinking all those 3.2's. Devastator, I comend thee.

That said, go Utes! Did I mention BYU sucks? Because after all, we are undefeated and they are not. Boooo BYU!

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