29 October 2008

what i have been doing lately.

What I am doing: reading blogs.

What I should be doing: Writing a review of Uncle God's Country.

What I would like to be doing: Buying artisan bread and gin.

What I am kinda doing: Wondering how on earth I'm supposed to start another research project right now.

What I am not doing: Thinking about how I killed one of my plants; admiring how my room looks like a bomb went off (books, notecards and Puffs tissues being the shrapnel of my world); pondering how I would really, really like some crusty bread slathered in butter with a gimlet on the side; lamenting the fact that I just can't quit flared jeans; checking my email for the eighteenth time today; mournfully inspecting a syllabus; considering skipping class; plotting my escape from Utah; placating all those thoughts by finding my keys and going to Whole Foods.

1 comment:

Queen Mum said...

Might be time for a treat package?