29 October 2008

a barack a day: god's gift edition.

Good lord! (who in my life says that? why can I not stop saying that?!) Thank goodness it is after midnight so I didn't have to be all crazy barack a daying for a third time. I present to you a magical blog: Yes We Can (hold babies). I had a hard time picking one, but I like this one because who can resist going nom nom nom on little wandering fingers? No one. Not even Barack.

Now if you'll excuse me, my ovaries are crying and my latent Auntie Mel is threatening to buy plane tickets so that's about all the Yes We Can (hold babies) I can take. Only 6 days to go! Good lord! (who says that?!)


Will said...

See, Obama eats babies! I KNEW Sarah Palin wasn't lying!

melanie said...

We Democrats take our socialism with a side of Jonathan Swift.