21 October 2008


So I am all kinds of mad at a particular volunteer coordinator who has been very considerate of the BYU volunteers by sending them informative emails (4 more than we've ever gotten!) and schedules but has given us U people *nada* despite the fact that we have basically been stalking her since yesterday morning to try to figure out what's going on. For that, I bring you a links dump.

Best Week Ever on bikes. Score: 2 points. 1 for using the word ridonkulous (I have been saying that all day, must be the cold medicine) and 1 for making fun of fixed gears, the douchey-ist douche transportation ever.

The RNC paid $150,000 for Sarah Palin's clothes and makeup. I understand that nice clothes are expensive but that's beyond the pail considering this HuffPo story on her seeking state travel reimbursement for her kids. That strikes me as irresponsible, particularly when she is running with a presidential candidate who has based much of his career on fighting earmarks. That is ridonkulous. Clearly she abides by the Bush doctrine of patriotism = shopiing. Score: Negative infinity points

If you're not following Blogging via Typewriter, you ought too. It's a great bit o'Twitter. Today he posted this:

And of course Tina Fey admirers should watch for his "Fey a Day" feature. Score: 3 points for consistent internet awesomeness every day.

You should probably be following The Daily Beast as well. It is probably my new over all favorite website-- it's generally an aggregator but they are starting to have great original material as well (it's only been up for like 2 weeks and I'm like, 'How did I live without The Daily Beast?' Gawker and Jezebel are becoming much less salient, apparently). This piece by Tucker Carlson on the pessimism of Democrats about the election is a fabulous example. Score: 1 point for relevence-- this exact topic came up in conversation recently.

Mmmm... Obama art! Score: 2 points because I love design.

And finally-- and only because I am incredibly cranky and tired-- here is something that somebody will probably go to hell for: John McCain "the picture" photoshop contest (also, here's the story on "the picture.") If you were watching the debate, you will recall he did that funny little dance around the table. This is all kinds of terrible. Score: A zillion points for a good laugh and extra-ridonkulousness.

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