15 October 2008

and here i thought my moral standards were pliable enough that nothing could shock me anymore.

Well, internet, it is certainly a sad day here in my apartment. My fears have been confirmed. Not long after my roommates moved in last year, I noticed a particular guy frequenting our apartment. I thought it was great that my roommate had a boyfriend and being as we don't talk I never really addressed it. And then she told me she had a husband and daughter and then they came to visit and I saw a lot less of the dude over the summer and more or less forgot about it, writing it off as perhaps a mistaken perception on my part.

So last weekend she went up to Canada to go to some National Park. I thought it was weird that she was going to go into the wilderness alone like that-- I mean she is not exactly the guy from Into the Wild-- but again wrote it off because I really don't care and have quite enjoyed my monopoly over the kitchen (our other roommate is on the East coast for break). She got back at 2 this morning.

Today I come home from a lunch date with a buddy in Provo and who comes out of her room but the guy from last spring! And as I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, I watched them-- completely wide eyed-- sharing a loving embrace and deep longing glances. I might has well have not been in the room. The way they were both glowing-- I mean really freakishly glowing--glowing like people that have been having a whole lot of sex in Canada (did she even go to Canada?!) all weekend-- completely betrayed them. After he left, she gave me a smug smile and beaming, returned to her room.

I was left on the couch, completely mortified. This is a scandal of international proportions. I am completely heartbroken for her husband back in China, raising their child. Not that she doesn't have needs-- and I obviously don't know the status of her marriage-- but troubling nonetheless.

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