01 April 2011

why i'm doing #30daysofbiking.

Woohoo! April is here! This promises to be one of the more stressful months of grad school thus far. On April 22nd I will begin a two week written exam, producing three ten-page essays showcasing the knowledge I've attained after four (four!) years of graduate school and working ~400 books this semester. On top of this, I'm finishing up my last class, guiding students through the last 35 years of the 20th century, and trying to plan my first dissertation research trip.

This month is not especially conducive to exercise, or grocery shopping, or really, leaving my house unless I have to. Which is exactly why I'm doing #30daysofbiking. I have to make time for myself. I eat better when I bicycle grocery shop regularly. I prepare for class and meetings more thoroughly when I can't count on a subway ride for extra review time. I keep a clearer head when I bicycle commute every day. I need to ride my bike every day this month.

#30daysofbiking! Work-life balance! Let's do this!


Kara said...

You are awesome. It definitely sounds like a month that needs a daily moment of zen. Even if it is a ride around the block.

I haven't officially signed up for it. But I am thinking of auditing 30daysofbiking.

Jeanny House said...

What great resolve to take care of yourself! Keep biking! The world around you will find its rhythm and you'll find peace amidst the craziness. Best of luck to you.

Matt in Tacoma said...

You and Kent have inspired me. I'm doing it, too. Ride on.