24 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 3.

Day 3. Seeing this on my dashboard kind of creeps me out.

This is me looking out the window, wanting to be outside because it was 84 degrees. Not conducive to writing.
Also, hot rollers. Where would I be without hair tutorials? One of my favorite ways to kill 10 minutes / take a study break.

I started work a little late because I had to make donuts (forthcoming post). Today was slower going- I wrote around 3 pages this afternoon and things came screeching to a halt. I think because it's Sunday, and also because I ate nothing but donuts, and also because my laptop cord is at school which meant I was trapped working at home (I am not going to Temple on Easter Sunday, even if I'm not really observing Easter. Not going to Temple is my observance). More or less got through page 9 today (hello, discursive footnotes!) which is not a draft, as I hoped, but it's pretty good I think. I'm going to table the dissertation field essay for a couple of days so I can come back to the argument with fresh eyes and wrap it up in a cohesive manner. 

This is how I feel when I think about writing about welfare policy. All of my welfare books are at school, and I don't want to be there right now. And the welfare scholarship is well, complex.  Embarrassingly, this is what I think about when the word "welfare" comes to mind:

Putting on my game face tomorrow, I promise. 
For now: finishing The Hunt for Red October. More interesting now that I know so much about the Cold War!

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Mike said...

...passing thru via Kent's blog.
A classic certainly...
"...get ya father a toasted almond bar...get ya'self a vanilla cone...and bring me back my change !"