30 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 9.

drink and write? who, me?

Today I hunkered down to write. Started with 725 words, ended with 1544. This Latin America essay is an ass kicker, there is just so much reviewing I have to do to answer the question. At school I got bored with it and had to make myself a Jack and Pepsi with my desk whiskey. And I had to listen to James Taylor and Jim Croce and sing along. I mean, how else could I write about Cardenas and Calles and all the boys? This is the creative process at work, people. Romantic!

I am hoping to finish a draft of that essay tomorrow. Since I don't have anything planned for tonight other than making some orange scented fennel pickle, I think I'll probably do some tinkering with the US essays. As I drink Jack and Pepsi made with home whiskey. I am so glad that I only have 5 days left!

I look permanently tired.

The lipcolor is Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Flame- not orangey at all as the packaging appears- but rather hot pink- fun! I think stains are the best way to do the bold lip for Spring... I just can't do all the reapplying that lipstick demands. Perfect for days when you're wearing head to toe gray. Not that I do that.

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Bunny said...

The lip stain is great color! Maybe you can send me some in a tiny package we don't have that here and I think the color would be nice on me as well! Glad that progress is being made on the papers and that you are on the down hill side. Good luck as you head for the finish line!