25 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 4.

I'm in a groove. It's a write 4 pages a day groove. I kind of like it. It puts me a touch behind schedule, but well, I can only focus for so long / ramble on for so many pages / connect so many dots etc. I mena, the real reality is that I can only drink so many iced coffees before I get too hopped up to work. There are a lot of factors here. 

Comps isn't really changing my appearance. I should have a head of white hair by now, or look more tired, or something. It's like 80 degrees in our house, so I'm just warm and kinda annoyed, ya know?

Today I wrote about the 19th century, which was kind of refreshing. For my big field (19th and 20th century) I decided to only write about topics that I'm really interested in. I have a better grip on some conversations than others, and as one of my committee members told me, you have to write about what you know (as a result, his essay will be about 2 pages long). The crazy thing about ten pages is that I have no space to really say anything. So my discursive footnotes keep getting longer and I'm just like, whatever.

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