28 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 7.

So here's a story:
I couldn't find any of my tote bags. As I have 234 books checked out from the library, I have 4 that move between office, library, and house.
I also couldn't find a particular overdue book. I tore my house apart, I looked all over my office bookshelf and book piles. No dice, so I figured it wasn't properly checked back in at the library, which has happened before. Cue terse emails between self and library staff. 
Today I had a revelation. The tote bags were in my office. 
You see, last Friday I took all of the non-relevant books off my office book shelf with the intent to return them. I then got to work, and forgot about them. All week, as I have looked on my shelf for that damn book, I have been so impressed at how relevant all of my books are to my essays.
So today, I found 100 odd books-- in 4 tote bags- in the corner of my office. HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, folks.

That's where I'm at today.

I got a late start because of Thursday brunch, and then threw a fit at the coffee shop because I really had no idea what the Mexican Revolution was about. I spent four hours at school relearning it. I didn't intend to do any reading during the comps period, but the writing was becoming too painful (I have a paragraph that looks like a Mad Libs puzzle).  As it turns out, I can't just sit down and expect to just write like I've done with my US essays. So I wrote one page today (of my big field) and I can now distinguish between Villa, Carranza, and Zapata. I mean, hey, I have a week to go, and I've got about 22 pages.

Here's where the magic was happening tonight. My office workspace is far tidier than my home workspace.

 in my natural habitat
The last picture is to show my new favorite necklace. I got it at Yellow Owl Workshop. It goes with everything and I get compliments every time I wear it. It adds visual interest to my extensive collection of boring cotton separates. Seriously, if you need a gift that someone will love (or for yourself), these necklaces are it!

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