27 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 6.

Day 6 was a vast improvement over Day 5. Let us count the ways!

I started working on my outside field essay today. It's in Latin America with an emphasis on Mexico. I was starting from pretty close to scratch on that list, so the reading was a lot more difficult because I had no idea what was going on, much less which conversations the books were joining. Latin American history is animated by a different set of questions than U.S., and I've had to get a grip on those in a pretty short amount of time. I'm not really sure how well that's worked; I am terrified that I will be totally stumped during the oral exams. It's a lot harder for to talk my way out of henequin production and oligharchy than compared to... well, anything US related. Except for battles. I might actually know more about henequin than battles. 

So this is all to say: the progress is a lot slower. I have to be a little more careful because I'm not certain about the facts. I wrote two pages today and was so proud of myself, like beyond proud. That's not enough, so there's work to do tonight-for real work, not the un-work of watching the RuPaul's Drag Race finale, which is how Day 5 ended. 

what, you don't watch the best show on television / internet streaming?!

I don't mind. I have been driving myself crazy in the evenings lately because I'm too spent from writing to read or clean but totally terrible at just hanging around.

Today was also magnificent because I found out that I get to be a teaching assistant again next year! I am beyond thrilled about keeping my job- no small feat in today's volatile higher education economy. This means I will have plenty of time to conceive my project, finesse my dissertation prospectus, and get myself ready to apply for some serious grant money next year. It is such a gift to be in a department where I am appreciated. Especially when I think back on the agonizing decision about where to go to grad school-- this is a really beautiful situation.

My best "I don't have to live in a tent in my brother's backyard" face.

This song has been in my head all afternoon. It's totally perfect for this warm sunny spring weather we've been having.

Oh fine, just one more: 

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Kara said...

Cannot stop staring at that drag queen gif. They are hypnotic.

And congrats on the job!!!