23 April 2011

comps mini-journal, day 2.

It took me a couple hours to fall asleep last night, so it looks like that is going to be the problem during this whole process. Slept a little later than planned and high-tailed it to the coffee shop so I could get a jump on things. Starting earlier = finishing earlier. Working at the coffee shop = uninterrupted work.

I pulled out 5 pages in 4 hours. It felt great to write about things I've been thinking about for months. I'm doing my laptop work in Google Docs so I can move between computers easily. I am will run my master draft out of Word since I prefer using my big screen for formatting. I'm fussing around with it and am having an oh shit moment-- I totally spaced and worked in 11 point (you can see more on my teensy netbook screen). So that means I wrote 6 pages. Um, oops? 

My goal is to write 5 pages a day. That would mean having 3 operative drafts by next Sunday, meaning I can sleep all day and start revising that Monday. I like to spew out the rough stuff and then really tear it apart. One of the biggest payoffs during this process is that I have been in grad school for four years and I know how I work best.

So yah, I look a little spazzy and frizzy, but I'm feeling kind of smug. I know I'm starting with the easiest stuff first- best to get it out of the way in case the hard stuff takes longer- but I feel good. Time to fix my bicycle chain and clean myself up for a Passover Seder. Lamb and wine are pretty much the perfect hard work payoff!


Matt in Tacoma said...

How many papers/pages are you tasked to complete?

melanie said...

30. ie I did 20% of 2 weeks worth of work! math!!