23 February 2009

tribute to my undergrad week, part 1.

One of the nice things about getting a new superpowered computer has been that I can now have all of my stuff on it. Before I had deleted a lot of music and moved a lot of pictures over to an external hard drive, so having everything together again has exposed me to a lot of stuff that I'd forgotten about-- like Disc II of the Marie Antoinette soundtrack and a lot of pictures I took when I first got my digital camera during my junior year of college.

I was aware at the time that I went to school on a beautiful campus, and I think the pictures I took reflect that awareness, but now that I look at those pictures I am blown away. I love the U and feel a much stronger emotional tie to it, but for pure pretty points, my undergrad wins hands down. To celebrate my reunion with all these old pictures, and a general run of nostalgia / terror that I'm feeling about leaving Salt Lake (at the very least, for the summer), I thought I'd go back to the past and share my undergrad pictures with you every day this week.

Context: (I'm a historian, deal with it!) I took most of these pictures while living on campus, where I shared a room in a party dorm with the nicest Lutheran girl ever who is now a wine reporter in eastern Washington. During my undergrad I played in the band for a year (tuba power), was LDSSA president for two years, wound up in a Relief Society presidency, and loved German history until it proved the gateway for religious history which got me into Mormon history which got me into American history (just in case you ever wondered how that happened). The junior year sustained one of those breakups that you think is tragic but come to understand as a gift from god, and was an important time of discovery as I began to dip my toe into the waters of adulthood. Being a transfer student and an uptight Mormon, I was reluctant to grow up. This was the period when I went to Europe three times in 1 year and includes the time when facebook came to our campus (back in the students only days... sigh). Overshare!

Anyways, to start you off:
One of the first pictures I took when my camera came. Dedidcated to Big Brother, who called me a slob yesterday. ;) Oh, right, the beautiful campus:


Mum said...

I agree that PLU is a very pretty campus. You have grown loads while having your advnetures in SLC at the U, also a pretty place.
See ya soon!

Big Brother said...

You ARE a slob. However, I do like that on your bulletin board, I can see a photo with me in it, as well as that great shot of Granny on the Link train...

And I have to say that the UW is quite breathtaking as well... http://tinyurl.com/aov77d

melanie said...

The bulletin boards really tied the room together. I liked that dorm room much better than the one I have now.

Great Udub pic! Further emphasizes the "Utah is not a very beautiful campus" motive.