20 February 2009

they made soup out of my research turtles.

This song has been stuck in my head all week:

Wed Anderson analogies have been a dominant theme for the week, beginning with the Pagoda with his shiv analogy for kidney pain and culminating in the realization at some point that I am somehow living the helicopter crash scene in Zissou. I could give a damn about unrequited love, but that song really captures how emotionally closed off I feel. I suppose we all want to say the things we can't bring ourselves to say, because really, who wants to unleash that torrent?

Weeks like this are tricky. The high points are very high-- a first martini, the taste of a TNT roll, getting through the minor edits of my thesis, seeing the fruits of my labors on a big project-- and the low points! The low points have been so low! I actually said today, "Getting rejected by [prestigious university] was not nearly as bad as finding a roach in the bathroom yesterday morning." Low!!!

Anyways, in looking for that dark dreary sad saddie mcsaddie sad song, I found this video. It made me laugh, because I think sometime after a poorly recieved draft and an unpleasant diagnosis, one of my friends was like, "This isn't your year, is it?" Well, reframing that-- maybe it is, I just haven't gotten to that part of it yet. This video is extra cute.

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