24 February 2009

that's what she said, etc.

Joe Biden entertains me. Here's a tumblr that focuses on his awesomeness. Joe Biden is just too much fun.

Also, Barack Obama said, "That's what she said," in his speech. Granted it was followed by "We are not quitters," but much like the whole audio book swearing thing, I'm hoping tan audio clip makes it on the web soon. In the mean time, the best of "that's what she said."
I love that I happened upon the speech right at the point he said it. Providence, people, I tell ya.

For once the Modern Love column is actually worth reading. I liked this story. It reminded me of this good book my mom sent me-- The Blood of Flowers.

Also in The Paper, for my healthcare people, a fascinating story about an NIH program that tries to diagnose people with mystery diseases.

Aren't you glad you have me to sort through the NYT for you? :P

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