25 February 2009

i need it for my trip.

When I was fourteen, my cousin and I went to Europe. In anticipation of her travels, she and her mom did a lot of shopping with the justification "I need it for my trip." Well, I LOVE justifications so I have been distracting myself with cute but uncostly accoutrements for my upcoming European soujourn.

Etsy has been a great resource for really neat stuff. I gave a bag from bayanhippo as a Christmas gift. It got rave reviews for quality craftsmanship. She uses durable materials to make high capacity bags at a very reasonable cost, and is a pleasure to work with if you want a certain color. This woman is prolific-- she has new bags up everyday.

I look at the bag and think about the adventures we are going to have together. Isn't the orange fun? For some reason I've really learned to love bold colors during my time in Utah.

I also got a cute little passport cover. Toile print meets Little Cabin in the Big Woods? Sign me up.

I'm still on the prowl for a watch, which is the only thing I can think of that I actually need for my trip (being sans cell phone and all)... but am totally sucked in by cute things that can be purchased for trips. Look at me, doing my part for the recession. Praise deity that George W. Bush equated captalism with patriotism... that's almost as good as "I need it for my trip."


Flora said...

Oh mel I am so glad you have discovered bright colors! Aren't they fun? I went looking at those bags and purses and without realizing it the favorite one that I chose was the orange one that you picked. Maybe once I have money again I will be getting one of those bags. Loves girly

Matt Newport said...

Keep the design blog links coming. I spend less time scouring the internets for cool stuff when you find it for me...I like that passport cover btw...the little window looks like a Danish flag to me...