16 February 2009

happy presidents day to you too.

First things first-- I had no idea that a web version of Weekly World News existed. I tell ya, I have my regrets about throwing out my issue chronicling Saddam and Osama Bin Laden's gay love affair, but this really wipes them all away. I mean, come on, "Sarah Palien"? It's nice to know that even "the paper" is part of the liberal media elite.

Second-- like myself, Heather at Dooce checked out the Draper Temple this weekend. You should too, it was quite lovely. Open house goes on for a couple more weeks, but I have to say-- the Frank Lloyd Wright-ish baptistry, the rugs in the bride's room and the chandelier and the pillows in the Celestial Room were divine-- great design all around really. Don't get all excited, I have no inclination of going back once it's dedicated... but hey, I appreciate nice things.

Third-- I thought this story about a reunion between a firefighter and the girl he rescued was a touching look at the ties that bind people together.

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