07 November 2008

your last regular barack a day.

So it took me a day to recover from my one woman celebration of the most satisfying electoral victory I've ever been apart of, but I think Michaele provided a nice way to wrap up the "Barack a day" feature with this great gallery of pictures from President-Elect Obama's campaign. This one was my favorite, I think because having children living in the White House provides a poignant symbol to remind people of the hope and the possibilities that this presidency has to offer. And I think those girls are cutie-pa-tooties.

It has been really nice to talk to people around campus who voted for McCain and have acknowledged that no matter the outcome, democracy has done its job and the people have spoken, and they'll support Obama. I think that people can get past the loss and see that we all have to move forward and solve the problems our country is facing really shows that regardless of who is at the helm, we all have to rise to meet the time that we live in. It's nice to feel unity again.

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