14 November 2008

fantasy christmas list.

Just listening to the Harry Connick Jr. christmas album tonight (it's one of the best!) triggered an instaneous online Christmas shopping reaction. For somebody else. But if I were buying for myself, I might head in this direction:

This Eleanor Grosh print on canvas. Pretty much sums up my favored aesthetic, and would look good with my fantasy brown modern couch (with cute Japanese pillows) in my fantasy PhD apartment where I have my fantasy queen sized bed, my fantasy docile pet and my fantasy freezer that doesn't stank.

These cutie slippers by Simple. My awesome felted wool slippers are beyond repair. :(

A roof rack and carrier to ease the stress of moving all these G-D books next summer.

Oh wtf, this is fantasy. Somebody find me a road bike, stat! And hey, I want to build a Muppet too!

1 comment:

Queen Mum said...

Will be needing sizes, both US and EU for the fantasy wool slippers. Going to Germany real soon.