15 November 2008

hillary and tubas.

Am I getting a little excited about all of the Hillary for Secretary of State buzz? Yes. Yes. Yes. My latent inner Hillary supporter-- surely you remember her, from the spring? When healthcare was the only issue she cared about?-- has slowly been crawling out from behind the Obama car magnet and the Obama buttons and the Barack a day posts (you know I still love the Obamas, right?), bursting forth with the kind of glee that only Hillary's bepantsuitedness can inspire. Granted, I've been mulling over the possibility of the State job in terms of "But we need her to push through healthcare in the Senate" and "Colin Powell got really effed over in that job," but it's just so nice to have her back. Thankfully, Gail Collins indulged me in a little upbeat Hillary love.

Also, this is really sad. I remember Tuba Man inspiring me as a young tuba kid going to concerts at The Key. I thought it was poignant that they had a tuba ensemble play Salvation is Created at the memorial service. While there aren't any good recordings of it up, I found this one (performed at my alma mater, no less) to my liking. The tuba part in this song was always one of my favorites.

Now I'm busting out all the old band hits. Add a tuba to my fantasy Christmas list.

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