02 November 2008

ready to be done.

I swear my blood pressure's been up all day. It's Sunday, it's raining-- I should be so chilled out that I am practically in a coma, or at least slowed down enough to be disqualified from giving blood. It didn't really hit me as to why until I made plans for Wednesday. My acquaintance was like "should be lots to celebrate!" and I was like "WHAT!?" because I haven't even begun to conceptualize that Wednesday was even going to happen. I mean hello, I remember watching Barack start his campaign while I was living alone in Tacoma! This has been going on so long that I hadn't ever actually considered that the election wouldn't be here anymore. Everything's been building up to Tuesday and it kills me. What will I read in the newspaper? On the blogs? Will the whole internet suddenly implode, not knowing what to do with itself-- will all of America burst into the foggy lethargy that tends to consume graduates after their graduation party is over? I hadn't even thought to think about it. I mean, technically nothing changes until January anyways, but isn't overwhelming to try to wrap your brain around the possibilities? It's like history is happening now, and only now, and on Wednesday, well, I don't know. I suppose I'll have a cocktail, but that's about all I can call.

Come Wednesday, I like to think that I will be so glad to return to the mundane business of being an American, but I wonder if, after being told for so long that our votes will change everything, if I'll ever be able to slip back into the unconcerned passivity of previous years.

UPDATE: Ha! Looks like it's hitting the candidates too!

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