10 November 2008

it's that time of the semester again.

-Doh! I don't really have a writing sample for my PhD applications.
-15-20 Chinese will be here in an hour to drink two cases of Heineken and feast; I really need to do some reading.
-Mistakenly wrote first thesis draft in my own voice; must write second draft in someone elses. HOW DARE I HAVE MY OWN VISION FOR MY WORK.
-My recreational reading book, Revolutionary Road, ended in a tragic and bloody fashion. Sorry for the spoiler.
-Think I may need new tires soon.
-Dunno why, I just feel like running down the hallway screaming.



Big Brother said...

New tires already? How many slow, campus-cruising miles could you possibly have racked up on the ODT? Have you even had a single flat tire? Oh wait, are you talking about your car? I just realized, mid-comment, that you are probably talking about your car. Yeah, I pretty much only think about bikes these days. Bummer about those tires...

melanie said...

Yah, my car is 9 years old with 45,000 miles on it, I think it's about time. The tires of the ODT remain beautiful one year in; I am so spoiled by new Dutch quality that I hardly know what to do with my older Japanese machine.