18 November 2008

positive energy.

Today has been a good day. My writing sample is coming together, I incredulously shouted at a kid for loving The Book I Recently Hated So Much that I Almost Destroyed it (in a friendly, good-natured way), I got some little baby steps things done that make me feel very ahead of the game, I realized how much I appreciate my funny and awesome coworkers, and I celebrated the day with my favorite takeout drug of choice, chicken tikka masala from Bombay House. And then, THEN, Blogging via Typewriter featured some very lovely Banksy:

Could the day get any better?! Oh wait! It could! Bill Kristol might be leaving The Times (hopefully for outer space!)! Mittens had interesting things to say in The Times! Ted Stevens lost! Thanks for keeping felons out of the Senate, Alaskans.I would say my faith in democracy is restored, but really, this is the country that elected Barack Obama two weeks ago. My faith in democracy is sustained.

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Queen Mum said...

Nice to see the sunshine has returned, good food always heals the soul.