14 July 2008

my name is not susan. or fat tire. or skinny dip.

So today I felt a little crappy. That happens, you know, when you live in a state differing from that of your favorite people and you wake up realizing that a day like this should be spent at a barbecue with those people. So naturally, in a moment of woe, I took all my recyclables to the recycling center and what do I see on top of the recycling bin but a Fat Tire. And I was like, "That is it! that is exactly what I would have at that barbecue!!!"
So I drove to Wyoming.
It was lovely.

Here's what I got:
Here's how it looked:

(new glasses! forthcoming post!!!)
And this is the result:
(And just for the record, I have not been this blonde and tan since 1991.)


big brother said...

So I misunderstood when you said 5 cases. I thought 12s, not 24s. That was a worthy haul, but where are you going to hide all of that? And promise me-no more ice in the beer!I don't care how warm it is!

melanie said...

It's taking up a huge amount of space in my already tightly packed closet. I'll probably move one or two cases to under my bed but no time yet to fuss with it.

As for the ice, I just can't drink warm beer. It was a necessary evil and only happened with that one glass. Promise.

Queen Mum said...

Beer can be very quickly chilled in the freezer, I agree NO ICE! We noticed that the beer has a "use by date." So you better get that BBQ planned.