03 July 2008

do you smell bacon.

Ever since a post-family reunion stop at my brother's fantastic in-law's a few weeks ago (did you get that?) I have been craving the combination of bacon and avocado and tomato. We had these awesome grilled chicken sandwiches that included such condiments and ultimately I broke down at the store today and bought all three of those things to go with some whole wheat pitas and the bottle of Evan I bought earlier (which I have also been craving for weeks).

Lately my roommates have been weighing themselves obsessively. We have a scale that was left in our kitchen by the ghost of roommates past, and for whatever reason my sub-one-hundred-pound chums are on it all the time. And weight loss soy shake powder is popping up on the counter next to the uncovered meat and bowls of seaweed (the smell of that, I might add, makes me sick). This worries me a little as my college roommate at my undergrad had some weird body dismorphic things going on (she sang a chorus of "I'm just five pounds away from my perfect weight" as she got thinner and thinner)-- less healthwise, I admit, but mostly because it's annoying. I mean the last thing I want to see as I try to stealthily grab the half gallon of Breyer's from the freezer is someone who already lives on the cabbage soup diet by virtue of regional tastes standing on the scale, pondering her girth.

So today the three of us found ourselves in the kitchen at once, a rare occurrence given their habits of cooking full meals after midnight. I eagerly tossed my really nice, thick cut bacon in a pan and started sizzling away. The girls were up and down from the table refilling their teeny bowls with dark red broth and cabbage and seaweed and Diety knows what else and I was just doing my own thing as the magical fragrance of bacon filled our poorly ventilated kitchen.

As I put the perfectly soft but crispy pieces of bacon on a paper towel, preparing myself for the inevitable delight of my forthcoming sandwich, I sensed a presence over my shoulder. I looked to find Xiaoling staring with wide eyes at my magnificent pile of pork. "That looks delicious," she said softly.

I am tempted to make the scale disappear. I just can't bear to see people live like that!

p.s. the sandwich was the best thing I've eaten since going to Trio last week.

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