15 July 2008


I am sooooo happy! I forgot how good it feels to finish a paper, even if it is perhaps the most epic piece of cow chips ever written on the topic (such is the magic of writing the only thing ever written on the topic-- it doesn't matter that much). Now I can get back to the research process at a slightly less intense pace and return to doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing-- like going to work-- and all the things I'm good at-- like laying in the grass. And of course, writing terrible haikus:

My paper is done
I say "That wasn't so bad"
I am full of shit


Queen Mum said...

Yeah the draft is done!!!!! Good on ya. Now you can have a celebratory BBQ and consume some of the tasty beverage that you bought. As for the HAIKU it is pretty bad. Cheers!

big brother said...

You'll be a doctor/If you keep up the hard work/Congrats on your draft.