03 September 2008

to tired to write a headline.

I interupt this regularly scheduled programming of NOT SLEEPING to bring you MORE NOT SLEEPING. Because THAT IS WHAT I DO (or don't do?). Anyways I know you are all like WHY ARE YOU YELLING? And it's because everybody else I know, anywhere, IS PROBABLY ASLEEP. So anyways I am up and when I go to meet with my chair tomorrow he will tell me I look haggard. FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW.

[self censored for a paragraph of bitching about the myriad reasons for my restlessness] [that shows real growth, no?]

So you must go to Best Week Ever. All of their posts on the 1st were "written" by Kanye West and I found it amusing. This one was my favorite, featuring this video:

But if you don't like rap, I found the Bert and Ernie video featured at the end because WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW is BOOGIE WOOGIE SHEEP!


Sigrid said...

I think you said you are going private with your blog. That makes me sad. I found your blog because of your bike and have been checking in on occasion ever since. Your sense of humor completely cracks me up. This hilarious take on Bert and Ernie is a prime example. Thanks for the laughs!

melanie said...

For the time being I have flip-flopped and will be leaving my blog open. Thanks for reading!