09 September 2008

simply a reservation.

So after getting shit on all day by some cosmic anus beyond my control, I am really enjoying these vintage Ben Folds videos that transport me back to the magical world of ten years ago. Mmm, time travel.

There, that's better.

Now that I've got my wits about me, I can do what I do best-- beyond making idle threats to sell my ovaries, become a prostitute or dig a hole and move underground-- and provide you with news that isn't really newsworthy but reveals great writing. Because while I got excited about the news that Google is going to start digitizing newspapers, I got even more excited about the following quote:

"Newspapers will get most of the money Google makes from its news-archive website, executive Marissa Mayer says. Yes, Google gladly shares advertising revenues — like European settlers sharing warm, comforting blankets with native Americans. Is the space on the Web page left over after one places the Google search box and runs the AdSense banners simply a reservation?"

Ha! I am such a Western historian now. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go drown my sorrows in chips and salsa as I simultaneously spin my head around pondering the absence of all that hair I had whacked off this morning.

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