16 September 2008

my natural heat.

I actually got up at 8 this morning, none of my plants have that collapsed sad look and I am writing and responding to emails. This is progress, people.

You know what else is progress? Mad Men icons for one's desktop. And can I just say, I am so glad that Betty finally kicked philandering Don's ass to the curb. Sunday was definitely January Jones's best episode since "Shoot" last season (i.e. my favorite moment in television ever).

Also! Weeds season finale posted on the interwebs. Good thing Must See TV is coming back soon. Which reminds me! Biggest Loser tonight! I hope you'll all be gathering around your tellie with pizza and friend(s) because that's what I'll be doing!

Ha! This entire post is about TV! And exclamation points! The perfect response to BS, who thinks all I have on the brain is bikes and politics. Here, I'll throw in this book I'm reading that is totally awesome and fun just for some balance. And I won't start whining about how LAME IT IS that my research is yielding NOTHING.

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Michaele said...

I'm jealous- you're reading that for the American West class aren't you? I'm jealous that's the best class ever! Are you enjoying it?