25 September 2008

my head just exploded.

The logic of John McCain: If I say I won't be going to the debate until a consensus is reached on the bailout, and then I show up with a new plan after the consensus has been reached to try to thwart the consensus, maybe I won't have to debate The Barack?

God help us all.

Also: this kind of tempered the anger.

And yes, I am getting all my news from Gawker because that's about all I can handle. Thank goodness The Office comes back tonight!

ADDENDUM: Gail Collins makes me chuckle with her use of Sarah Palin quotes as daggers.


CP said...

Hey Melanie! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad to see you are as baffled by McCain as I am. I am convinced his entire campaign is a brilliant piece of performance art. He's like Andy Kaufman, but a lot older...

jim.hortis said...

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