10 September 2008

before and after.

Big Brother asked for some pics.

On my birthday, I was turning into scraggly princess ponytail:
And now:

I look more like myself.
It's kind of round and graduated in the back--
more or less the usual short hairstyle of The Mel.

Disclaimer: I don't look as bobble-headish in person.


Queen Mum said...

The hair is really cute! I remember a time in your life when you hated short hair and now you have it!

melanie said...

I believe that time was circa 1993 when I had a bowl cut.

Queen Mum said...

I have a lovely picture when you were about 3 or 4 with a darling haircut, so that would be about 1987/88, it looks similar to the new do.

melanie said...

So you are saying I hated having short hair before the infamous bowl cut of 1993?

Shawna said...

It looks good! I'm definitely in that infinite pony-tail stage... wait - that's called being lazy!