29 August 2008

copywriting for the weary.

Do you like running inconclusive errands?

Do you hate sleeping at night?

Do you enjoy the feeling of not being able to register for classes and knowing that your financial aid has yet to be disbursed?

Have you longed for the ethereal feeling of reading a ten page syllabus typed in ten point font?

Do you crave the rush of spending hundreds of dollars on paperback books when all you have in your fridge is stale birthday cake, carrots and condiments?

Are you an eager ideologue looking to have your dreams crushed?

Then grad school might be right for you!

(okay, so it hasn't been that bad... well it has but the craziness has been tempered by a couple of dinner dates with friends, free bagels at work and some very gracious, wonderful coworkers and peers, all of whom deserve gold stars)

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