08 August 2008

opening ceremonies.

I forgot how much I lose my shit over the Olympics. I think it's almost more potent this time, living with women from the host country. This evening we all got up from our late afternoon naps (they do it everyday, I do it because I am sick) and gathered round the TV. It was probably a good thing that they were watching the theatrical bits with me because I otherwise would have cried all over the Olympics. First off, it was beautiful. Spectacular. Amazing. Magnificent. Stunning. Huge. Extraordinary. It was a big night for vocabulary building around here. Second, the humanity of it all-- all of the hope and unity in the forefront and politics set asides (though I think the NBC commentary was too political-- damned if we don't get the Canadian channel in Utah!). I loved the part with the pictures of all the global children! The boats part was my absolute favorite though. I cannot seem to find any good pictures this on the web! Argh.

I found the fashions during the parade of nations to be pretty entertaining. I think Ukraine and Hungary should get mad props for even getting dressed.
The Polish women and the French men looked extra classy-- and hate me, but I really loved the waspy look for the US team and thought that Kobe looked smokin' hot. I thought Russia had the best hats, and loved that a Utah Jazz player was their flagbearer. But what I loved, loved, loved the most was the piping on the Netherlands suits. I really did almost loose my mind over it.

Pictures: here and here and here

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