10 August 2008

politics and the olympics.

In the midst of all the nasty, nonsensical McCain commericials running during the Olympics (wtf?! McCain seems to be running at least five times as many as The Barack here in Utah. I have made more cohesive arguments after six beers), I found this video very uplifting:

Also, one component of NBC's Olympic coverage that really cracks me up is all the footage of George Bush in Beijing and their whole "first president to do x, y or z at the Olympics" schtick. Duh! If I was the most unpopular president ever and on my way out, you can bet your sweet pippy I would be milking that free travel and all access pass for everything it's worth. I mean look at this guy:Clearly not as stupid as we think he is. (photo from Gawker)

I suppose I should comment on the Edwards thing, as a former Edwards supporter: damn I am glad the Olympics are on so I can block this shit out. What a douche. Major disappointment.

I have been kind of pissed that Russia is airstriking Georgia as it is stealing the Olympic's thunder in the news-- I am really serious, don't fuck with my Olympics-- but upon further review it is a really complex story that is pretty interesting to learn about. Still, I wish Dubya would've leaned over to Putin during the opening ceremonies (they were seated together) and invited him to do something more productive than start wars, such as checking out the hotties. Is it possible that there are really lessons to be learned from 43? I can't believe I am writing that.

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