11 August 2008

business is good.

I did get the gig with PBS. Looks like ~16-20 hours of work between now and the beginning of September. Fortunately the interviews are very interesting, done with native English speakers who also speak at a perfect not-to-fast pace. Not what I am used to at all! I actually had to turn down another gig that I got offered today transcribing for an environmental advocacy group because it would've been an additional 60 hours of work in the same time frame and um, hello, I have my own transcribing to do and my research and my job and classes starting and I think my head would have exploded! Especially because the interviews were on cassette! I am so glad I have learned to say no... even if it was incredibly lucrative.

Anyways, it is nice to know that the work is out there if I want it. In the meantime I am learning how to do lots of business-y things, like setting up invoicing. Because I am my own unofficial small business. Because I am really that awesome. Yes, that's me, awesome.


Michaele said...

you are awesome

Queen Mum said...

There was never any doubt that you weren't AWESOME, I raised you to be just that way!! You GO GIRL!!!!!