03 August 2008

birthday month kickoff.

So I was thinking that I would do kind of a retrospective in honor of birthday month. Look forward to me posting lots of random goofball pictures of myself in honor of my own existence. My selection is limited to what I've got on my computer, though of course submissions are welcome.

And to start it off, through this crafty website I found a website that makes your pictures look old. I find this very entertaining. It does require pictures with a fair amount of contrast... about 80% of the pictures I tried of myself are all whited out because well... I am all whited out. Anywho, cheers to birthday month!

It's nice to know that this kind of stuff will withstand the test of time.

1 comment:

Queen Mum said...

Happy Golden Birthday Month! Hope that all the days are bright and sunny. Enjoy your class!