19 February 2008


I live for stuff like this. I googled myself this evening (vain, but I like to keep things real). Usually it brings up the activities of an eminent microbiologist and old lacrosse schedules and of course, our Danish cousin's extensive family tree. I had never noticed that Vagn had any pictures up, but alas, here's my 2nd great-grand-dad, Christen Christensen:

Aside from being in great condition, this picture is stunning for another reason:

You see, aside from the webbed toes, this is perhaps our most cherished and most pervasive family trait-- all cousins from my mom's side have it, all the kids in our family have it, even my brother's kids have it! Seriously, it's like the first thing we look for when we inspect our new babies. Now we know that the nose groove is
indeed an enduring mark of our Danishness.

Our people weren't in Copenhagen at this time, but lovely, no?


Matty said...

Hey, that's my nose groove!

fridrix said...

Hahah have you seen that pervert with the Copenhagen Bike Chic page?

melanie said...

I have (there's a link on my sidebar), but I'm not of the opinion that it's pervy. I don't think it's perverse for someone to appreciate the female form and expressions of fashion on a bicycle; I think globally they are doing cycling a favor by normalizing regular, unsporty riding.